A guide to Premium Bonds as NS&I announce 1.4 million unclaimed prizes

NS&I (National Savings and Investments) has revealed that there are currently 1.4 million unclaimed prizes from Premium Bonds, totalling more than £58 million.

That’s potentially a life-changing amount of money which is left waiting for the lucky winners to discover. …

Retirement planning: Four factors which will affect the income you need in retirement

Since the introduction of Pension Freedoms, the amount of people accessing their retirement income via a drawdown arrangement has increased dramatically. More than £17.45 billion in flexible payments has been accessed by those in and approaching retirement (Source: HM Revenue

Number of outstanding interest-only mortgages has halved, but the risk is still real

There are currently 46% fewer outstanding interest-only mortgages than there were six years ago, according to UK Finance.

Interest-only mortgage holders only pay the interest due on the amount they have borrowed, each month, with the full amount coming …