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hope for cash ISA

The past decade has been miserable for savers.

Low interest rates, coupled with prolonged periods of relatively high inflation has meant that capital held in savings accounts is guaranteed to lose value.

However, research now shows that there might be …

The gender pay gap even pensions are not immune

By the age of 50, men’s pension pots are double the size of women’s, according to research from Aegon.


  • The gender pay gap
  • Differences in working hours
  • Family responsibilities

What is the gender pay gap?

According to the …

Why lattes cost far more than you think

A new outfit, a cup of coffee, pizza on a Friday night. They’re small, impulsive purchases, but they soon add up.

Research from Scottish Widows shows that each month, we each spend an average of £124 on things we could …

Are you a DINO in danger of extinction

Two incomes are better than one.

But what happens when one income suddenly stops?

For millions of people, it could mean significant financial danger, due to a lack of savings and insurance.

Who is in danger?

You might have heard …