Time for a bit of Döstädning?

I’m not a big one for lifestyle concepts but döstädning is one that gained notoriety when a book entitled ‘The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning’ (by Margareta Magnusson) was released early last year.

Given the title, you’d be forgiven …

‘A time for giving’…to the kids!

They say this is the time of year for giving, though for many parents giving to their children isn’t just confined to Christmas…it’s a lifelong hobby!

Naturally, parents and grandparents want to give their heirs the best possible start and …

How will Brexit affect your investments?

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.03.43

I don’t know about you but the the inevitable barrage of Brexit opinion, speculation and political opportunism we’ll witness over the next nine weeks possibly frightens me more than the issue itself!

I’ve been asked by a number of clients …